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Gamify English

This eTwinning project has begun in February 2020 and will last until May 2020. Seven countries (Turkey, Spain, Romania, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Italy and Poland), represented by ten hard-working teachers, joined their efforts in order to come with innovative ideas which might help students learn English in a more enjoyable manner, thus leading to better results and a high improvement of their skills.

We aim to design classes that function as games in themselves. We do not only introduce games as part of our teaching materials but rather structure the entire course as a game. The emphasis lies on direct interaction between the players involved, on communication and mutual help. The students are encouraged to support each other and share their knowledge in such a way as they might help their peers improve their level of English.

The teacher creates a virtual class by means of web 2 tools such as Class Dojo. Students are offered badges instead of grades and these badges account for their accomplishments. The students’ kindness and team spirit are valued more than their actual English skills. By the end of the project, the students’ virtual portfolio shall be evaluated and the teacher will gather the most relevant products to come up with a common one.

All in all, we hope that it will be a fruitful project which will help increase the students’ appetite for learning English and will show them that learning can be fun and instructive at the same time.

By prof. Dr.Olaru Lăcrămioara