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Give Life to Waste

This eTwinning project has begun in November and will come to its end in April, which means that it extends over a period of six months. Ten teachers from Turkey, one from Croatia and one from Romania form a great team which fights for recycling, for raising people’s awareness in what concerns environmental problems which threaten our pupils’ future, for reusing things instead of simply throwing them away. We believe that we need to educate children in such a way as they might see beauty in things which seem ugly, that we need to help them understand that things can get many shapes if we are handy and willing to protect nature instead of polluting it.

            Therefore we have planned a lot of activities which are supposed to determine students understand the importance of recycling, reusing and reducing waste. We organize sessions of collecting waste and then come with ideas about what to do and how to reuse what we have collected. More than that, students get to really observe the surroundings and see the effects of throwing waste all over the place. Children march and advertise for a better future in which people prove to be educated thus paying attention not to pollute anymore.

            Children have always been ingenious and their creative skills are amazing when they are let to put them to work. Wondrous things come out of their hands when they use their imagination. My role is to encourage and stimulate them as much as possible and finally, to make their works known to the entire community. All in all, together we hope to have an impact on the way people from our village live their life and maybe contribute to reducing pollution.

By Prof. dr. Olaru Lăcrămioara