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I’m in Love with Poetry

“I’m in Love with Poetry” is one of the most complex and large eTwinning projects I have ever been involved in. Fifty two teachers from eighteen countries (Albania, Austria, Croatia, France, Italy, North Macedonia, Portugal, Slovakia, Turkey, Armenia, Belgium, Finland, Greece, Lithuania, Poland, Spain, Ukraine and Romania) work  together on sharing national poetry to the other countries so that all students and teachers can have a glimpse of their beauty. Pupils read and intonate these scraps of literature in their native language while informing their partners about the historical and literary context they were written into. Some of the children involved have also attempted writing their own poems on several occasions, like on Mother’s Day when they were willing to express their love for their mothers.

The project is not solely about poetry and promoting our national values, but also about making new friends and improving our communicative skills. Thus, students have been encouraged to exchange hand-made Christmas cards and Valentines as well as twinmails and messages. They were more than happy to work on these cards and an improvement of their English skills is already noticeable.

This project has begun in November 2019 and is coming to its end in March 2020. I sincerely hope that my students will not give up reading poetry and will keep talking with their friends after this project is close.

By prof. dr. Olaru Lăcrămioara