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My school, my second house

Those schools which make their students feel comfortable and at ease may have better results than those which impose rules and obedience above all. We live through uncertain times, when the craving for financial security threatens to destroy the unity of the cell which lies at the basis of the society: the family. Many pupils are left in the care of their relatives or neighbours while their parents are working abroad for long periods of time. Of course, schools cannot replace parents or assume the role of those social institutions which are supposed to permanently monitor these cases, but they can definitely support and collaborate with them for the welfare of the children.

This does not mean that schools should resemble more to homes only for the sake of a certain number of pupils. All students and teachers need to feel safe and comfortable at school in order to have relevant results. The feeling of belonging should prevail and it should rest in the souls of those who have already graduated so that they may feel inclined to send their children to the same schools when the time comes.

This eTwinning project focuses on creating a propitious atmosphere for learning while playing and feeling at home. When it comes to learning a foreign language, pupils have to feel comfortable with one another in such a way as they may express their thoughts freely, without being afraid of being laughed at or misjudged for their lack of knowledge or poor pronunciation. The teacher plays the role of a binding agent who is supposed to bring students together, to help them feel like part of a big family. Our activities will encourage pupils to speak to one another during classes and to make new friends from other countries involved in the project, to actively get participate and speak English without comparing their performance to someone else’s, to help each other so that their team or group might get better results than the previous day and to show their creativity at work.

The project extends over three months (February, March, May) during which the partners involved (Turkey, Romania and North Macedonia) strive to work on accomplishing their plan which aims to help their students improve their English skills while having fun and feeling loved and appreciated for their efforts. Teachers offer their time, knowledge and support, but most of all, they show their care for their pupils because they understand that the educational process should mean more than merely transmitting and processing information. It means truly listening and responding, bonding and much more.