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Our Moral Values in Digital Age

This eTwinning project began in October 2019 and will end in May 2020. Our students proved that moral values are still cherished nowadays. Pupils have not forgotten how to be  respectful, tolerant or helpful. The fact that we live in a Digital Age, when everybody is highly curious and interested in using the internet, does not mean that we disregard our traditions and the really important things in life.

So far we have had activities which reflected our respect for nature (e.g. planting flowers, changing the soil for some apartment flowers, building tree houses for birds, cleaning the environment and reusing things that were thrown away), respect for younsters and elders (e.g. visiting them and helping them), our willingness to help other people (e.g. donations for orphans and poor people), our care for the future (e.g. promoting the use of paper bags instead of plastic ones) and our developing competencies in using the internet and the web 2 tools in order to do good and promote moral values.

We are looking forward to the next months of the project which will focus more on communicating with our partners as we are hoping to write an Erasmus project together.

By prof. dr. Olaru Lăcrămioara