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Playing with words

Eleven teachers from Italy, Romania and Turkey have united their forces and efforts in their attempt to make learning English words more enjoyable for their students. The project has begun in February and the etwinning platform has proven to be one of the most useful resource for pupils who can now communicate with peers of their age from other countries discovering that they have at least one thing in common: their interest in learning English. This way, they make a collective effort to improve their skills and the results come about quicker than usual.

            The fun activities provided focus on the acquisition of vocabulary in context through educational games that combine physical education with listening and speaking. Students are encouraged to skip the rope, play hopscotch, play cards or interview each other instead of passively listening to the teacher transmitting knowledge. Pupils also make use of Web 2 tools, like Word Art. But most of the time, they work on communication by answering twinmails, writing on the forum or contributing to common products.

            The project will last three months and we hope it will bring a change in the usual course of events. The fifth grade pupils will have the opportunity of improving their vocabulary and of actually using it while talking, which is, after all, the whole purpose of learning English.